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Video Tape Recovery - we restore audio and video tapes that have been damaged under a variety of conditions, including:
Defective or faulty equipment.
From Floods or Water. We have developed techniques to clean, dry, and re-lubricate tapes for playback and for removing mildew. Once tape is recovered, we transfer content to new tape.
Fire, smoke and heat. Replacing damaged plastic parts of the video tape case, we clean and remove all contaminates from the tape's surface. Then we re-lubricate the oxide so that it can be played and transferred to new stock. Oxide re-lubrication is something we do for tapes stored under a variety of other conditions.
Numerous other contaminants - from adhesives, to dust or dirt from damaged buildings to various spilled beverages - each requiring their own techniques for restoration of video tapes.
Video Tape Duplication - we transfer video tapes from obsolete formats to formats which are either analog and digital. We also perform NTSC, PAL, and Secam Format transfers. Not all aging tapes need necessarily be transferred, but it's best to know which tapes in your archives are in danger of being immediately lost, and which tapes can be transferred in a gradual, timely and cost-effective manner.

Archive Retrieval - we implement an archive retrieval system for video tape libraries that is cost effective. We thoroughly inspect both the tape conditions and the conditions under which they are stored. For further information concerning Archive Retrieval, click here.

Disclaimer: Due to the varying nature of tape conditions, we cannot guarantee 100% recovery. Our clients should be aware of this and should understand what they are buying is our best effort.



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